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What are you wearing under your trousers?

with black lingerie including fully-fashioned stockings and suspenders. My ubiquitous Louboutins and cat-eye specs completed the goddess-like woman-in-charge look.

I love my cross-dressing clients, and it’s even more interesting to meet them out of London (where the kinksters seem to be in higher proportions). I saw Martin recently in the West Country, and he was looking for some roleplay fun with a surprise beneath his trousers.

Martin arrived in my “office” as my beleaguered employee while I was dressed as everyone’s boss-bitch dream/nightmare. I wore a sheer black blouse and a leather skirt, with black lingerie including fully-fashioned stockings and suspenders. My ubiquitous Louboutins and cat-eye specs completed the goddess-like woman-in-charge look.

I sat Martin down and paced around, towering over him in my heels, and chided him for his deteriorating performance at work, which had been catalysed by an affair with another colleague in the office. This distraction had not only led to several deadlines not being met, but there was also another twist in the tale. Martin’s office fling was now blackmailing him with risqué photos she had taken of him...and the photos had fallen into my hands! It appeared that Martin had a penchant for wearing ladies’ lingerie...and this could spell the end for his employment for me...as well as public humiliation in the company!

I demanded that he drop his trousers so I could inspect him. Lo and behold, Martin was wearing a pair of silky French knickers and a pair of hold-up stockings. I laughed menacingly and threatened to expose him...unless he agreed to submit to my demands and be my personal sex slave for the next hour...and be at my beck and call in future!

I pushed him into the bed and straddled him, rubbing my pussy against him. I climbed further and further up his body until my little mound was in front of his face. I could see from the bulge in his silky knickers that he was aroused by this. I took off my own panties and ordered him to lick my already very wet pussy and make me orgasm. That was Martin’s new company role. Fortunately, he immediately showed himself to be very skilled in his new “position”, as his tongue worked around my throbbing clit, bringing me to waves of exhilaration very quickly.

But I was not satisfied merely by him bringing me to climax while I sat on his face. I wanted him to fuck me, and fuck me while he was still wearing his knickers and stockings, so they could rub against my bum and legs. I rode him, fiercely and aggressively, so much so that the bed shook with intensity of my thrusting. It felt so good to have cock inside of me, using this employee as my sex toy.

“Fuck me from behind now, and fuck me HARD,” I commanded. Martin had a good cock so it went in deep inside my tight little pussy, filling me up with his meat. He banged away so hard that I could feel his silky balls bouncing against my bum. What a sensation! The wild passion of it all built up and Martin finally came, with a huge sigh and a throbbing cock.

Wow. Martin will be summoned to my office once again when I visit the West Country. But I very much doubt I’ll be able to stop him wearing his silky knickers.


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