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Triple Trouble with Stormy and Lady Lorelei

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

....and we tied Mike to the bed, then Stormy, Lorelei and I stripped naked. We then gave him a three-way lesbian show not to be forgotten.

Two of my favourite side-kicks to work with are Stormy London and Divine_Theratrix (Lorelei). When I was invited by a regular, Mike, to bring two ladies into a moresome meeting, I knew these were the ones! Sexy as hell, intelligent, intuitive, with bodies to die for, and the best thing is that we play with each other socially, not just in our escort work...so this was always going to be a winning trio combination!

Quirky is another word to describe the three of us, and this session was just that! We met at lunchtime, in a cafe in South Ken, all in our best show-off lingerie (I was wearing my midnight blue Dita von Teese set, complete with suspenders and nude stockings with lace tops), as well as dresses with slits in them - great for flashing! The three of us ordered green teas and shared our latest gossip and tips...and Mike arrived and sat down on the next table to us.

The fun began when Lorelei ‘accidentally’ spilled green tea on me, all over my stockings! Having run out of napkins on our table, I had to ask the chap on the next table for some from his. I then proceeded to hitch up my dress in order to mop up all the tea that had soaked into my stockings, giving my neighbour a huge flash too. Of course, Stormy and Lorelei needed to check their stocking tops too, to see if they had got wet! But by now we were wet in other ways, so we settled the bill and set off on the short distance to my flat.

Just as we got into my street, the man from our neighbouring table stopped us. “Are you nice and dry yet?” he asked.

“Kind of, hehe. Thanks for giving us the napkins.”

“No worries. Actually, I couldn’t help noticing what lovely hosiery you have on. I am a massive appreciator of that.”

“Thank you for the compliment. We’re just going into my flat now. Would you like to come in for a cup of tea?”

“Mm yes...why not?”

And with that, the four of us went up to my flat together.

“I’ll just put the kettle on, you can stay here in the meantime.” I led our impromptu guest to my bedroom. Conveniently, me, Stormy and Lorelei had been planning a night out, and all our lingerie was lined up ready on my bed.

The three of us ladies carried on our natter in the kitchen while the kettle boiled, then Lorelei went to check on Mike. Suddenly we heard the atmosphere change. Stern words were being spoken in the bedroom! Stormy and I abandoned the tea-making process and joined to see what the hoo-ha was about.

“Mike has been rifling through our lingerie! We left him for two minutes and see what he’s done...” Lorelei spilt the beans.

“I couldn’t resist! I’m a massive fan of lingerie and hosiery!” protested Mike.

“How shall we punish him?” asked Stormy.

“I know!” I said, “Let’s show him what he’ll miss out on on our girls’ night out tonight.”

With that, I put on some house music and tied Mike to the bed while Stormy, Lorelei and I stripped naked. We then gave him a three-way lesbian show not to be forgotten. There are so many possibilities with three pussies and six tits, and together we explored just some of these! But we felt Mike needed to join in too, so it wasn’t long until Stormy was sitting on his face, grinding into him, while I sat on Lorelei’s next to him. Feeling her tongue around my clit while I was hearing Stormy’s moans drove me wild with excitement!

Next, it was my turn to sit on Mike’s face while Lorelei and Stormy both sucked his cock at the same time. I swivelled around so I could enjoy the view, then decided I simply had to join in. Now three tongues were driving Mike to ecstatic levels! I took Mike’s cock between my breasts and wanked it between them while Stormy and Lorelei played together, sucking each other’s nipples and playing with each other’s pussies.

It was now time to fuck. My turn first. I slipped a condom on and slid onto Mike, who was still lying down face-up tied to the bed. I rode him long, hard and unrelentingly. Stormy and Lorelei sat at either side of his face, teasing him with their pussies and breasts. Then it was Lorelei’s turn, in furious reverse cowgirl style. Me and Stormy sucked each other’s nipples above his face. Finally Stormy mounted and took Mike to explosion point. But when it was time to explode, we quickly untied him, let him stand up over us, while the three of us presented our beautiful breasts to him. He ejaculated like a fountain over each of our six tits. We were utterly drowned in spunk and it felt fantastic.

Three days later and Mike wrote to me saying he’d already had several wanks about it. I strongly believe that it may have been masturbation fodder for three other people too...

My very good friend and playmate the Lady Lorelei, when we are together we don't know weather we are cumming or going!

Stormy is my kind of fun girl, we are so good together....or is that bad?

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