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"P" is for Paddling Pool

The paddling pool became rather more full than we had anticipated...

One of my favourite people to work with, Stormy London, invited me to a booking with her own client, a professional guy in his 30s with a secret passion for watersports. The practice of pee-play was on this occasion to be carried out at a private-hire dungeon in north London that I know well, and Stormy had invested in a paddling pool for the session, in which most of our frolicking would take place.

Watersports, for me, used to be an activity languishing in a small dark corner for many years, and I have had fantasies about watching people pee since I was much younger. These fantasies that gave me a funny feeling in my tummy weren’t actually enacted until my late twenties though, when I started meeting fellow kinksters and finally my dark side was illuminated. It was only then that I got to experience the “hot sensation” of being peed on as well as the visual aspect.

I have previously practised watersports both with and without using power play dynamics (the more obvious way being the dom as the giver and submissive as receiver), but this particular session was pretty much conducted without power play (with just a little bit of humiliation from Stormy and I directed at our lovely client, Dan). Stormy and I know how to prepare for a session like this, and had been drinking San Pelligrino since 8am that morning and were pretty much able to deliver on tap! This meant that the paddling pool became rather more full than we had anticipated, much to Dan’s delight. This meant we could writhe about, splash, and immerse ourselves in the moment! One of my favourite moments was when I peed over Dan while Stormy was sucking his cock. There was plenty more double, and even triple, peeing going on too! The feeling of being silly in a paddling pool plus doing something slightly depraved was such good fun!

Once our pool activities were over, we headed for the shower (altogether of course!), dried off, and Dan experienced his first spitroasting courtesy of Stormy and I. We both looked unbelievably hot with our matching strap ons penetrating Dan’s front and back holes. But we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the paddling pool for too long and were back in there once again, this time complete with our leather dildo harnesses for some final piss-pool antics.

After Dan had cum twice in the paddling pool, we had finally emptied his balls for the day! Being a gentleman, he kindly offered to help us pack up the paddling pool, but being as badass as we are, Stormy and I managed to do that all by ourselves.

I have now invested in a new paddling pool waiting for another round of watersports. In the hot weather we’re expecting next week, this could be the perfect way of cooling down, don’t you think?!

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