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Updated: Apr 5, 2019

I’m sure I wouldn’t have to be too imaginative to think of a scene combining the uses of all three

I’m writing this blog on the train home from Bath, after a very successful tour to the South-West. It was a true pleasure to meet many new clients on what is one of my favourite areas of the UK to travel to. A big kiss especially for the lovely chap who travelled all the way from Swindon to Bath just to see me, such dedication!

Anyway, aside the touring, January is going very well for me. January is usually about two things: resolutions and sales. Well, the former is faring in a mixed manner. Dry January has become ‘Dry-ish’ January (I’m a sucker for champagne and Malbec) but I’m three weeks into training with my PT and already seeing results. My body’s already looking toned and fabulous in the photos that were shot last weekend (my current profile pics), but I’m seeing some great definition in my arms and abs this week...all to be revealed in next month’s photo shoot!

The sales have been going rather well (with me doing the buying!), especially with fetish and BDSM retailers across the UK, whose staff members I may have already paid the wages for in 2019. I have lots of new toys that I’m aching to play with and looking forward to find guinea pigs for, my top 3 favourites (still not used yet!) being:

1. an E-stim kit (something I have wanted for years!)

2. A leg and ankle spreader bar

3. An O-ring mouth gag

I’m sure I wouldn’t have to be too imaginative to think of a scene combining the uses of all three actually. Anyway, I’m looking forward to some fun, perversion, kink and frolics in London this week, in the bedroom, in the dungeon and maybe even outside for some exhibitionism if you can bear the cold snap!

E-stim kit (something I have wanted for years!). This is just the control, what fun I can have once you are attached to the rest of it.

Leg and ankle spreader bar

O-ring mouth gag

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