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Latex lust

It always is a thrill to meet a fellow latex fetishist, and this happened very recently while I was out touring in the West Country, and had a call from a gentleman who had a deep passion for admiring a female figure clad in rubber.

I always ensure I pack at least a couple of latex outfits in my amply-proportioned touring suitcase, usually a dress and a catsuit minimum, not forgetting my water-based lube for sliding into them and making them shiny! However, when someone offers to bring along his own collection, I am quite happy to be a dress-up doll as long as their taste is good!

Fortunately for me, Rob’s choice of latex outfits was impeccable. I opted for a black corset, with holes where the breasts go and suspenders, and a pair of black latex stockings. I put these on and wore these with my thigh-length shiny patent boots. Can you imagine what I looked like with my ample titties protruding from the holes?! Sexy as hell, that’s what! Rob was very lucky he got to take them away that night, as I really wanted to keep them!

However, I made the most of my moments in this shiny wear, and felt hotter than fire. Rob was propelled straight into sub-space just by looking at me.

Rob’s booty bag fortunately contained a lot more than latex though....I straddled Rob, dug into it and found some nipple clamps, and eased his nipples into nice fleshy wedges. I licked my right-hand index finger and gently rubbed my saliva onto both of Rob’s nipples, then on went the clamps.

Still straddling Rob, I teased his cock playfully, using my fingers, tongue and a goddamn powerful vibrator. But it was ultimately his butt that I was concern with. Yes. His butt. His super-cute little hole. It needed some serious penetration...and funnily enough, Rob had exactly the thing I needed to delve into those depths. A strap on, his own, bespoke for his own “dimensions”.

After some significant spitting and lubing, as well as some warming up with a latex-gloved finger and a butt plug, I put on Rob’s strap on over the gorgeously figure-enhancing latex and went in there deep. Rob was face-up and me on top of him in a twisted take on missionary. I could also wank him hard and even suck him, testament to my flexibility. The sensations must have been mind-blowing. But as Rob testified later, it was mainly the sight of me looking so damn hot that pushed him over the edge and got him to spray cum everywhere (including on his own latex!). An entirely ball-emptying moment of sheer explosion!

I got to wear some awesome latex. I got to play with new toys. I got to give Rob the most incredible orgasm he’s had in a long time.


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