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Lady Phoenix, Rose and Stormy. Too much to handle???

When three ladies called “Stormy”, “Rose” and “Phoenix” get together, you know there’s going to be some high calibre, high octane fun on the cards. This was certainly true for a gentleman named Keith, who invited us all for his first hot date of the year, to let off some New Year steam.

The three of us arrived at almost the same time to the reception lounge of Keith’s out-of-town hotel, where he came down to meet us. As the three of us ladies were already friends (with benefits of course!), we had already greeted each other warmly and wished each other a Happy New Year. Now it was Keith’s turn to be greeted...although we saved the biggest greeting until we were safely and discreetly tucked away in his room.

One of Keith’s biggest turn-ons was ladies with plenty of outfits, particularly lingerie, so I had made sure that I’d packed my very best Honey Birdette sets for this meeting. After colluding briefly in the bathroom, it became apparent that all three of us had a red lingerie set (latex in Rose Amour’s case!), so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to synchronise with our crimson collections!

Keith’s face was an absolute picture when we emerged from the bathroom in unison, in a very obvious state of lust brought on by the scarlet ladies. There was no time for smalltalk, only seduction.

As Stormy London and I were new to Keith, we positioned ourselves on either side of Keith’s almost-naked torso as his erection poked through his pants. We snogged him (and each other!) passionately to further the arousal. The pants needed to come off. And they did! Rose peeled them off slowly and sensationally with her teeth.

Stormy continued to kiss Keith deeply as I paid attention to his nipples, which I rather took a fancy to. I do like a nice pair of erect and slightly juicy male nipples. Something to suck on gently. I then introduced Rose and Stormy to my favourite activity of “side-licking”, as mentioned in my last blog. They seemed to enjoy it a much as I did, and Keith even more.

All the while, Keith’s rock hard cock was being sucked, sometimes by one mouth, sometimes by two mouths and even by three mouths simultaneously! Especially good was Rose licking his cock while Stormy and I sucked a ball each, which sent Keith into a deeper state of arousal. He simply had to fuck!

He chose me to fuck first, and after bouncing up and down on his dick for a while, as I gripped the leather headboard for manoeuvrability, Stormy took over from me, beckoning him to take her from behind in doggy style. Keith fucked like a machine, and soon all three of us we hot and steamed up! Rose then rode Keith in reverse, the sight of Rose’s lovely pert ass bouncing away very much entertaining Stormy and I. Stormy and I kissed and fondled each other while this magnificent spectacle continued, and Rose and Keith came together, quite audibly!

The four of us snuggled up together on the bed afterwards, enjoying each other’s chat and company. What a way to start 2020, with stunning, high class ladies, and such a lovely gentleman.

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