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Held at Their Majesty's Pleasure - More adventures with Stormy and Lady Lorelei

...Stormy and Lady Lorelei (Divine_Theratrix) had been enjoying each other in 69 position, a sight that the Prisoner was able to see despite my ass being on his face!

It was fantastic to have my regular and highly imaginative client, Carl, return last week. Carl first booked me alone, then for a duo with my partner-in-crime Stormy London. This time, he was going for the triple with me, Stormy and Divine_Theratrix...with a particular roleplay to tickle his needs both metaphorically and literally.

This roleplay had Carl incarcerated in a prison for sexual deviants, and he was due for release very soon...however the parole board (the most terrible perverts of all of course!) would have other ideas about that.

“As you know, your release date was to be very soon, next week in fact,” I began, looking super-sexy in my black latex military hat and black shiny open-back catsuit.

“Yes Madame...but why do you say ‘was to be soon’? I don’t understand...”

As Stormy and Lorelei gathered with me, both looking ultra-slinky in tight-fitting shiny black outfits, I read the riot act. “We have information that might lead to you being kept inside longer, Prisoner 6900.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh dear oh dear Prisoner 6900, you have been a model of good behaviour for all of your time here...until the last couple of weeks, when you have been found smuggling goods around the prison...”

“Smuggling goods??!!” he protested.

“IN YOUR ASS!!!” all three of us chorused at once.

“The evidence against you is far too strong for you to plead innocence to, so you might as well submit to our desires for the next hour and win the chance at your freedom next week.” I laid down the law to erring convict.

“I swear I’m innocent of this! But I’ll do anything you want me to do to get out next week!”

“On the bed you go!” I commanded as Stormy and Lorelei stripped Prisoner 0069 naked and pinned him down face-up, tethering an ankle and a wrist each to the bed.

I set out by tying his cock and balls so they were nice and taut while Lorelei applies nipple clamps to him and Stormy smothered him with her vagina. Pain, restriction and suffocation was a good start with this one! Once he’d received the right amount of suffocation, Stormy came off his face and I kissed him (tasting Stormy’s delicious juices at the same time), intermittently slapping him in between our snogs. “I think Prisoner 6900 is beginning to repent for his terrible misdeeds! But we must ensure that such behaviour doesn’t continue...”

With that, I put my bum in his face while I traced a pin wheel up and down his cock and balls. I felt our convict’s tongue probe my asshole deeply while I pressed down harder with the pin wheel. All the while along, Stormy and Lorelei has been enjoying each other in 69 position by my side, a sight that the Prisoner was able to see at times despite my ass being in his face! The three of us then prodeeded to apply some deadly tickle torture into the mix.

It was time to turn the prisoner over...we released him from his ankle and restraints only to turn him over and tie him again...but this time with his ass in the air! Prisoner 6900’s ass had been the root of this problem so it had to be dealt with in a way that he wouldn’t forget.

After leaving the room for a couple of minutes in a conspiratorial way, the three of us emerged...all wearing strap-ons of different sizes!

Stormy went in there first, punishing the prisoner with her 5” dildo on a harness, whilst Lorelei sat on his face and I lubed up his cock (erect as ever throughout the whole proceedings). Next we swivelled around and Lady Lorelei got her turn with her 6-incher, Prisoner 6900 got my pussy in his face and Stormy got her hands around his slippery hard dick. But the icing on the cake was my own 8” strap-on (quite a feat for those unaccustomed to being pegged), which I slid in carefully to begin with before launching into my thrusts while Stormy and Lorelei treated Prisoner 6900 to a double hand-job.

The ‘release’ was spectacular...

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Stormy went in there first, punishing the prisoner with her 5” dildo on a harness,.....

Next we swivelled around and Lady Lorelei got her turn with her 6-incher strap on.

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