BLAKE Penelope Jayne I1

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Name: Penelope Jayne BLAKE -1
Sex: Male
Father: Peter Jackson ELDREDGE-2 (    –    )
Mother: Susan Jeanette FINCH-3 (1952-1997)
Individual Facts
Residence-Child 1 Jun 1975–1 Jun 1980 Susan Jeanette FINCH-3; 90 Woodside Road, Norwich, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom1
Residence-Child 1 Jun 1980–1 Dec 1997 Susan Jeanette FINCH-3; 29 Southerwood, NR6 6JN, Norwich, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom1

Notes: Peter Jackson ELDREDGE Jnr-1


Residence-Child (1 June 1975–1 June 1980): Resided at same address as Mother.
Residence-Child (1 June 1980–1 December 1997): Resided at same address as Mother.

1. Penelope Blake : Genealogist pennyblake1972@googlemail.com  to Personal Memories on 26 May 2014

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Site Updates

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As you can probably tell, I havent updated the site much in the last, well, year or so. However, I hope all that will change soon.

The site needs a bit of a make over, I like the images and the lay out, but the content is a little outdated or irrelevant. So, here are my plans


I have managed to totally lose control over this, so I think perhaps its best to start this section over. I plan to include Individual summaries of each person in my database, but with thousands of them its going to take time. Indexing them is going to difficult. Its not that I cant index them, the challenge is more making it look appealing. There are lots of different surnames and each surname literally contains anyhing between one and over a hundred people, so the real challenge is listing themin a relevant fashion. I have to bear on mind that just because a person may only be, for example, the mother of a husband to a 6th cousin in my tree, that person may be a major family member to another Genealogist and the aim is always to attempt to link up with other researchers.

While it will be a slow growth I document or update at least one person from my database per day.


This again has lost a bit of control. Ive become very undisciplined in my painting and as a result I have lots of part finished projects and very few completed projects. I therefore aim to become more focused in my work and aim to have no more than five projects on the go at any given moment. Any part completed works will go into storage and will not re-emerge until another project is finished.

I will also attempt to re-organise the images, deleting any images of projects that are unfinshed and are unlikely to be finished and hopefully over time it will build into a good database of images.

I aim to spend at least three sessions a week painting. These sessions will range from one hour each up to an entire day.

Towns and Villages.

This is a new project I plan to start. Last christmas I bought a new camera. This was primarily to take pictures of my minitures, however, as I have learnt to use it I have realised the potential. In addition I have moved to Buckinghamshire, which is a wonderful part of the country. This leaves me living in a lovely area of England in which I have only visited a small fraction of it. So, I plan to visit an area of the country that Ive never seen before and photograph my journey.


Rat Ogre Finally Finished

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So, today I recieved my sand and grass tufts from http://www.warpaintfigures.com/ whom I believe gives great customer service. I actually found him on e-bay, placed an order for 2mm tufts and then sent a message explaining what I was going to do with them and could he check Ive ordered the right items. He altered my order suggesting that 4mm tufts would be better but ended up sending a free sample of 2mm tufts anyway 🙂


So, I mixed PVA glue 50/50 with water, applied to base, coated in sand. When that was dry I painted with Mournfang Brown (twice) and then dry brushed with Ushabti Bone. I then applied a 4mm tuft to an area that didnt come out so well, but because this turned out to be behind the figure I applied another tuft in the front. I actually applied a 2mm tuft in front and then placed a 4mm tuft touching it and have to say Im happy with the tufts. They are self adhesive and they really do stick well.

So, I present to you my very first completed Warhammer figure.

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How To Paint Blonde Hair

Posted by Penny Blake on March 26, 2015 in HIgh Elf, How To Paint, Paint Sets, Warhammer |

I have adapted this tutorial that I found on the Dakka forums. It is a useful tutorial on how to paint blonde hair suitable for a Dwarf or a High Elf, or in fact anything that you require.

All paints listed are Citadel paints, but these can be converted to your favourite brands.


Firstly base coat the “blonde” areas in MOURNFANG BROWN. remember that this is a base coat so will need to be thinned a little…or quite a lot. Remember its better to require two coats than to ruin the model with a thick layer of porridge

Next paint over using BALOR BROWN, but avoid getting right deep down into the recesses

Next mix BALOR BROWN with a small blob of YRIEL YELLOW (Be aware thats rather bright, so dont add too much)

To your Balor/Yriel mix add a further blob of KARAK STONE

Now do a few highlights using just KARAK STONE

Now, add a little SKULL WHITE into your mix of Balor/Yriel/Karak

Now wash the area with SERAPHIM SEPIA

Before repeating the highlighting with the Balor/Yriel/Karak/White mix

The final step is to add more SKULL WHITE into the mix



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Brass for the Blood God!

Posted by Penny Blake on March 16, 2015 in Bloodthirster, Chaos Deamons, Warhammer |

Some Updates


Feet were painted with CITADEL USHABTI BONE

CITADEL WARPLOCK BRONZE applied to shields


After washing with CITADEL AGRAX EARTHSHADE ebelishments were given a second coat using CITADEL BRASS SCORPION

The edges were then highlighted with CITADEL RUNELORD BRASS and the hooves were given a further shading of CITADEL AGRAX EARTHSHADE

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How To Paint Gold Objects

Posted by Penny Blake on March 16, 2015 in How To Paint, Paint Sets |
Gold Mask 4

Try using this scheme to paint Gold Objects. By using a coloured wash it helps the brightness of the gold blend in with the clothing worn by the figure.


Step 1 – Basecoat with Gold

In this example, Citadels Balthasar Gold is used

Gold Mask 1

Step 2 – Wash with a colour

In this example, Citadels Druchii Violet was used

Gold Mask 2

Step 3 – Drybrush with a brighter Gold

In this example, Citadels Gehennas Gold

Gold Mask 3

Step 4 – Highlight with Silver

Runefang Steel from the Citadel range was used here

Gold Mask 4

While this example given is designed for use with Harlequins from the Warhammer 40k range. However, I feel that with experimenting with the strength and colour of the wash it could easily be used for any number of golden objects your figures may carry.


This information was adapted from White Dwarf Issue 55 (14 February 2015) published by Games Workshop Limited

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Kings Lynn PRG and Wargames Club

Posted by Penny Blake on March 16, 2015 in Warhammer |

A big thank you to all who made me feel welcome at the Kings Lynn RGP and Wargames Club yesterday. I popped along to have a look, took my painting things with me and just got on with what I was doing. Around me there were people doing various things such as Magic: The gathering, X Wing and upstairs they were making a podcast for a game of D&D.

Nice little club and I will be looking to attend weekly, hopefully to have a game or two of Warhammer Fantasy battle, or even possibly learn how to play X-Wing.

Shout out to Peter who was kind enough to ask me for advice on painting and suggested that he may bring his figures down for a game.

The club can be found at

12th Scout Hut,
Beulah Street
Off Wootton Road
Kings Lynn, Norfolk,
PE30 4DN

Meetings are every sunday between 1pm and 6pm

Their website can be found at http://kingslynnrpg.weebly.com/ and the club is a member of Gaming Club Network



Daily Update – 13 March 2015

Posted by Penny Blake on March 14, 2015 in Bloodthirster, Chaos Deamons, HIgh Elf, Rat Ogre, Skaven, Swordmasters Of Hoeth, Warhammer |

Id like to start this post off by saying a big thank you to all the staff and customers from the Kings Lynn Games Workshop Store. It seems every time I go in there someone I never met before fives me a handy little hint or tip.


The model was washed using CITADEL CARROBURG CRIMSON from their wash range. Once dry this was drybrushed using CITADEL WAZDAKKA RED.

I then drybrushed the upper most regions of this using CITADEL SQUIG ORANGE


I had forgotten to finish off the metallics with CITADEL REIKLAND FLESHSHADE so I applied that before washing the Loincloth in CITADEL CARROBURG CRIMSON

Then it was time to start on the Leather sections which I base coated with CITADEL XV88


I have to say that the neatness required to paint these guys did initially put me off however, Im really starting to enjoy them now. I layered CITADEL CELESTRA GREY over the parts thats are going to become white.

Then a further layer of CITADL ULTHUAN GREY is applied

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Daily Update – 10 March 2015

Posted by Penny Blake on March 11, 2015 in Bloodthirster, Chaos Deamons, HIgh Elf, Rat Ogre, Skaven, Swordmasters Of Hoeth, Warhammer |

Not too much to update you opn today, quite literally a little bit of this and a little bit of that.


After washing the armour in CITADEL NULN OIL I then highlighted the armour using CITADEL IRONBREAKER and have to sday Im quite happy with the results


Very very happy with this. I boughtt his off E-Bay for less than £10, including postage. The chap was struggling to package it so I told him he could remove the parts, which he did. It has been soaking in oven cleaner for a day or so, and Ive now glued the parts back together. I have to say that Ive actually forgotten how much of a magificent beast this is.

So, first job is to prime it using VELLEJO 73.602 BLACK PRIMER.

followed by a quick paint of all the “body” areas. I was going to do this with an Airbrush, but since Ive never used CITADEL KHORN RED in an Airbrush before, I kind of chickened out and did it my brush instead


These have been looking at me for days so I thought I better put some progress into them 🙂

So, after the mess I made of the skin I tidied up the fur etc etc with CITADEL ABADDON BLACK. I then highlighed the fur using CITADEL MECHANICUIS STANDARD GREY

Further highlights with CITADEL DAWNSTONE

Further highlights using CITADEL WHITE SCAR before moving onto the metalics which I base coated in CITADEL IRONBREAKER

Next coat was CITADEL WARPLOCK BRONZE. I was careful on the two metalic coats not to give it 100% coverage. This is so that little flaws could shine through. I dont believe that a Rat Ogre would spend hours or days looking after his equipment and a little bit of sloppy painting can easily reflect that

Finally a good drybrushing with CITADEL SCREAMING BELL to finish off the shading

Then I began work on the Loin Cloths by painting a Base coat of CITADEL KHORNE RED

I think you will agree that although there is still a lot to do its really coming along as a finsihed product and even at this stage if I placed that on a gaming table my opponent would say “Nice figure”


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Khorne Bloodthirster

Posted by Penny Blake on March 10, 2015 in Bloodthirster, Chaos Deamons, Warhammer |

For me, one of the most exciting models in the warhammer arsenal is the Bloodthirster. Since I painted my first one (Badly Ill add) about 20 years ago, Ive always had a soft spot for this piece. Now however, GW have released a new one, bigger and badder than before

I have to be honest that at £70 I do actually think it represents great value for money.

Khorne Bloodthirster

Khorne Bloodthirster, available from Games Workshop now


Bloodthirsters are the mightiest of Khorne’s daemons, the fury of war given terrible form. Every one of these towering beasts is the equal of an entire mortal army.

This multi-part plastic kit allows you to make any one of three specific types of Bloodthirster: the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster, the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage, or the Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury.

The Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster is armed with a wrathaxe – a double-headed axe that bears two equal-sized blades – and a bloodflail. The head is designed to represent the classic Bloodthirster hounds face, framed with the Khorne icon.

The Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage is armed with an enormous double-handed axe. His head has a fanged maw with a forked tongue protruding between the teeth, and there are four horns atop his head.

The Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury is armed with an axe – a double-headed version with two different sized blades – and a long whip. As with the other Bloodthirsters there is a specific head for this variant; the most gruesomely skull-like of the three.

Whichever variant you choose to build, the model is absolutely covered in the iconography of Khorne, from the weapons, through to the pair of wings and armour detailing. There is a choice of two sets of legs, either running or leaping atop flames. There are three different torso fronts, two designs of belly plates, two choices of loincloth and the option of adding armour plates to the legs and torso should you wish. All in all, this model is a total monster, in every sense of the word.

The Khorne Bloodthirster has 80 components and is supplied with a 60x100mm monster base and a large oval base.

Khorne’s wrath made manifest

Bloodthirsters are the mightiest of Khorne’s servants, muscle-bound Daemons that descend on ragged wings from flame-wracked skies to bring slaughter and carnage to the denizens of the mortal realm.

Among their bloody ranks stands the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster. Tasked by Khorne to hunt down enemy champions and claim their skulls, he’s just one of the three ranks of Bloodthirster that can be built from this new plastic kit that’s now bigger, better armed and more impressive than ever before. Here’s why.

The Wrath of Khorne’s signature weapon is the Wrathaxe. This one has a handle made of skulls and a double-headed blade wrought with a brass symbol of Khorne.

In his other hand the Wrath of Khorne wields a bloodflail – a devastating meteor hammer and a symbol of his ascension to Khorne’s third host. Note the punch dagger built into the weapon’s hilt.

The Bloodthirster’s vast wings are tattered and torn, symbols of chaos pushing their way through the membrane.

The Wrath of Khorne is held aloft by a pillar of fire. But has he just leapt up from the ground, ready to take to the skies, or is he about to land? We think the former would be preferable.

The embodiment of rage

The Bloodthirsters of Insensate Rage are Khorne’s beast-slayers and monster killers. Apocalyptically ferocious, they care nothing for tactics, guile or cunning, launching themselves into battle with reckless abandon to bring their hell-forged axes to bear on a worthy foe.

A Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage hails from the sixth host of Khorne’s bloody legions. Assigned the duty of hunting down powerful monsters, they carry vast axes designed to cleave through armour, muscle, sinew and bone in one fatal swing.

All skulls are valued by Khorne, but the bigger ones are undeniably more impressive. But big skulls require big axes to sever them from their spines. The axe wielded by a Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage is four times the height of a man, its head covered in razor-sharp daemonic teeth. It should be up to the task.

A Bloodthirster’s body is as much a weapon as his axe. Spikes and horns jut out from his skin ready to impale unwary foes, while his armour is covered in razor-sharp edges, barbs and hooks.

A Bloodthirster’s hooves are branded with the Mark of Khorne. In the wake of his destruction, the Blood God’s rune will be stamped across the battlefield, hammered with titanic force into mud, flesh, armour and stone.

There are three different ways to build the Bloodthirster’s head. The Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage has been built with a bestial, hound-like face and brutal, curved horns. Check back tomorrow to see one of the other variants.

Akk words and images taken from http://www.games-workshop.com/

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